4th and 5th Grade Online Workshop




A 2-Minute Taste of the 4th and 5th Grade Workshop with Jamie York and Amy Lloyd-Rippe.

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This new addition to our online Art of Teaching Math workshops for Waldorf and beyond includes material for both grades 4 and 5. It is designed so that participants work with and understand aspects of teaching math in both these grades. Material from 4th and 5th grade is intentionally interwoven.

Jamie York’s Waldorf Math workshops are as much about the how and the why as the what.  As a master Waldorf math teacher and math missionary his goal is to re-imagine how we teach math.His workshops include tips on classroom management and how to effectively bring material to students, so they benefit from true mathematical experiences (rather than memorizing procedures with little understanding).

Math is the most overlooked and least penetrated part of the rich Waldorf curriculum. Yet math teaches us creativity, problem-solving, and THINKING. These are edited versions of the live workshops taught by Jamie York and Amy Lloyd-Rippe to a group of teachers in 2017.

AMY LLOYD-RIPPE was a class teacher at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School in Rhode Island for 18 years. She continues as a faculty mentor, as well as a Board member and Human Resource committee member. She has been a student of Anthroposophy for 23 years and is a graduate of the Antioch New England Waldorf Teacher Training program.

The Grades 4 and 5 math workshop contains about 8 hours of content, excluding time needed to complete the exercises.

REGISTRATION is open for the December 1, 2017 through February 2018 Session. SCROLL DOWN to register (and choose your 2-week access period).

Topics include:

Math Curriculum and Goals

Jamie York’s Main Lesson on The Wonder of Number

The Developmental Picture of the Child in Grades 4-5



Freehand Geometric Drawing

Learning Arithmetic Facts

Mental Math, Math Games and Puzzles

Introduction to Long Division

You should give yourself a few days to get through the material, to review it, do the exercises, let it sleep for a bit, then revisit it. There are 28 Modules in the combined 4th/5th Grade Workshop. They range from 5 to 30 minutes in length. This is not including the time you will need to spend on completing the exercises. The modules are mainly videos, but there are few modules that are designed to be just audio. We will send you a link to access pdf files associated with the workshop when your workshop time approaches. It is best to give us at least 24 hours notice before you wish your workshop to begin. IMPORTANT: We’ll respond within 24 hours of receiving your registration, so it may or may not be possible to honor a request for a same-day start. All our online workshops should be viewed on a computer rather than a device with a small screen.

WE RECOMMEND you refer to our book, Making Math Meaningful : A Sourcebook for Teaching Math in Grades 1-5, although you can take this workshop without it.


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