7th Grade Online Workshop




Jamie York’s Waldorf Math workshops are as much as the how and the why as the what. As a master Waldorf math teacher and math missionary is to re-imagine how we teach math, so his workshops include tips on classroom management and how to effectively bring material to students so they benefit from true mathematical experiences (rather than memorizing procedures with little understanding).

Math is the most overlooked and least penetrated part of the rich Waldorf curriculum. Yet math teaches us creativity, problem-solving, and THINKING. Join the workshops for any 2-week period from December 1, 2017 – March, 2018 and participate in a free online workshops webinar in which Jamie will answer questions, at a date to be determined. These are edited versions of the live workshops taught by Jamie to a group of teachers in 2016. The workshops focus on Jamie’s teaching rather than participant interaction. They should be viewed ideally on a computer rather than a device with a small screen. We will send you a link to access pdf files associated with the workshop when your workshop time approaches.

REGISTER now for the December 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018 session. Scroll down and click on the purple tab to register (choosing any date that starts before April 1, 2018). The next session will be June 15, 2018 through October 2018.


Core Principles for Teaching Mathematics

Introducing Algebra

Proofs through Movement

The Pentagon and the Golden Ratio

Mental Math, Math Puzzles and Games

Developing Thinking in Ratios

The Four Ratios of π

Geometric Drawing

Homework and Assessment

You should give yourself a few days to get through the material, to review it, do the exercises, let it sleep for a bit, then revisit it. There are 24 Modules in the 7th Grade Workshop. They range from 5 to 32 minutes in length. This is not including the time you will need to spend on completing the exercises. The modules are mainly videos, but there are few modules that are designed to be just audio. We will send you a link to access pdf files associated with the workshop when your workshop time approaches. It is best to give us at least 24 hours notice before you wish your workshop to begin. We’ll respond within 24 hours of receiving your registration.

WE RECOMMEND you refer to the 7th Grade Workbook, Teacher’s Edition, and the Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math, although you can take this workshop without these materials.

You can also email us directly and we can invoice your school.



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