Waldorf math educator, teacher-trainer, and author of Waldorf math books in the Making Math Meaningful® series for public, private, and home school teachers and parents.

Jamie and Participant London 2014_opt-2JAMIE YORK is an internationally respected Waldorf math consultant. He was born in Maine, went to public school in Connecticut and received two computer science degrees (from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, and the University of Denver). He began teaching math in 1985 at a boarding school in New Hampshire.  In 1994, after spending two years in Nepal serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, Jamie’s search for meaningful education led him to Shining Mountain Waldorf School (in Boulder, Colorado). To this day, Jamie remains at the school, teaching middle school and high school mathematics. Over the years, Jamie has focused on envisioning and creating a comprehensive and meaningful Waldorf mathematics curriculum that spans grades one through twelve (the Making Math Meaningful® curriculum series books).  Jamie consults at a variety of schools nationally and internationally. He teaches math workshops, and serves on the faculty at the Center for Anthroposophy (in Wilton, NH) training Waldorf high school math teachers as adjunct professor of Antioch University.

Jamie is open to receiving your thoughtful comments, feedback and questions either about using the Making Math Meaningful® books or other experiences teaching math.



Co-authors of Making Math Meaningful: A Source Book for Teaching Math in Grades One – Five 

Nettie Fabrie is a trained Waldorf teacher and remedial specialist from the Netherlands. From 1976−1993 she was a class teacher at the Brabant Waldorf School in Eindhoven. From 1995−1999 she taught history and art history in the high school. Nettie has mentored Waldorf math teachers in Holland, the Czech Republic and the US. She is on the core faculty of Sound Circle Center, co-directs the Grade School Teacher Training and SCC’s Mentorship Seminar, and is coordinator of the Remedial Program at Seattle Waldorf School. Wim Gottenbos taught in Dutch public schools for 12 years before training and becoming a Waldorf teacher. Since then he has taken two classes from first through eighth grade in Holland, trained and worked as a Remedial Specialist and teacher mentor. He has many years experience teaching Waldorf math in all the grades.


Co-author of Making Math Meaningful: Fun with Puzzles, Games and More! 

Randy Evans’ love affair with games started early in childhood and grew into a lifetime passion. He graduated from Duke University with a BA in Philosophy in 1988 and also received a J.D. from the University of Denver, College of Law in 1992. He teaches middle school and high school math at two Waldorf schools in Atlanta where he works with his wife Jenny.

Mick Follari graduated from the Green Meadow Waldorf School and went on to study Engineering at Brown University. Mick is a Waldorf math and science teacher, having taught in several schools around the US. He is also a web design and development consultant, and is involved in green design/build real estate projects. Mick lives in Boulder, Colorado.



Julia E. Diggins taught mathematics for many years in Washington, DC and completed her undergraduate work in mathematics at Trinity College in Washington. She then attended the Catholic University of America where she received an MA in psychology.  While teaching mathematics in junior high school, she was awarded grants by the National Science Foundation to attend courses at Rutgers University, Boston College, and the University of Maryland where she worked with members of the Maryland University Mathematics Project on the preparation of a new curriculum.  Subsequently, she began to devote herself entirely to teaching “modern” mathematics for elementary school teachers at the University of Maryland.  Julia Diggins died in 1987.



Co-author of Making Math Meaningful: High School Workbooks

Andrew Starzynski grew up steeped in Waldorf education as the son of two Waldorf teachers, and as a student at the Chicago Waldorf School, which he attended through high school.  Andrew went on to attend Beloit College, graduating in 2001 with a double major in mathematics and philosophy, and a minor in computer science. He taught part-time at the Chicago Waldorf School before spending two years in the computer industry. In 2004, his love of math led him to graduate school where he acquired his master’s degree in applied mathematics. His enthusiasm for Waldorf education and Waldorf math prompted his return to the Chicago Waldorf School where he taught for three years. In 2008, Andrew completed his Waldorf teacher training under the tutelage of Jamie York. He has since moved to Hawaii where he teaches at the Honolulu Waldorf High School.

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