The Math Tightrope in the Lower Grades

In teaching mathematics, perhaps like no other subject, we find ourselves walking a tightrope. If we step a bit to one side, a sizable portion of the class becomes perplexed and overwhelmed. If we correct ourselves to the other side, the quicker students get bored and the class as a whole doesn’t progress enough. For… Continue Reading

Waldorf math webinars in 2013

  First of all – sincere THANKS from our family – Arie, Karen, Jamie and Shanti – to ALL OUR CUSTOMERS who bought our Waldorf math books in 2013, our 1st year as an author-owned and family-owned publisher. It was an incredible year of growth for us. Here are some of our PLANS for 2013: Waldorf… Continue Reading

Projective Geometry for Adults Course

A Course in PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF IMAGINATION THROUGH PROJECTIVE GEOMETRY with Jamie York, author of the Making Math Meaningful series: Boulder, Colorado, Wednesdays – September 26 – October 24; 4-5pm (6 sessions) Shining Mountain Waldorf High School Math Room, Corner of Broadway/Union Ave, Boulder, CO. Contact for information. A summary follows. Did you… Continue Reading

Waldorf HIgh School Math Workbooks Arrive

I am thrilled to announce that the long-awaited Waldorf High School Math Workbooks in our Making Math Meaningful series have arrived. My co-author, Andrew Starzynski and myself have been working on these for years.  They are designed for the Waldorf high school math classroom, but can be used by any teacher, including a homeschool teacher who wishes… Continue Reading

Weaving History into Waldorf Math

One way we can make math more “human” is to weave history and philosophy into our Waldorf math classes, to show ideas and concepts that real humans struggled with, and to show how our civilization developed. When we study the quadratic formula, a very useful and powerful tool for when you are doing Algebra I… Continue Reading

Waldorf High School Math Books

This summer, our big plan is to publish a limited number of books in the Waldorf High Schoool Math curriculum I have been developing for many years. If you are a homeschool parent/teacher who is interested in these books, please let us know. We’ll be posting more information about this new curriculum series soon. Initially,… Continue Reading

Global Waldorf Expo for Homeschoolers

I was recently interviewed for the 3rd annual Global Waldorf Expo for Homeschoolers, June 1-3 (an online, virtual event)  and can be heard on Friday, June 1st as part of a wonderful line-up speakers who are sharing their wisdom. My segment is entitled Understanding math and What your child really needs. The expo is a… Continue Reading

Making Math More Human

In my 11th grade class, we look for a formula that will give me, say, the 30th number, or the 500th number in the Fibonacci Sequence.  We spend three weeks to come up with that one formula.  That’s an extreme example of going very deeply into math. We just march forward to solve this one,… Continue Reading

Problem solving – different to solving problems

The root of math is problem solving, and problem solving, by the way, is different from “solving problems.” Usually when students are “solving problems,” they are doing something they have already seen before, and possibly following a procedure blindly. There is no journey of discovery that is such an important part of learning math. The… Continue Reading