Making Math Meaningful: A 6th Grade Math Set

Making Math Meaningful A 6th Grade Math Set

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grades Waldorf Middle School Math.

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Jamie York’s 6th Grade Waldorf Math Book Set includes the 5 core books in our Making Math Meaningful® curriculum series for teaching math to 6th grade students.

• A Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math (formerly our Middle School Curriculum Guide).

• 2 6th Grade Workbooks (Student’s and Teacher’s Editions)

• String, Straightedge and Shadow: The Story of Geometry by Julia E.
Diggins – (A 6th Grade Reader.)

• Fun with Puzzles, Games and More! for 4th through 12th grade.

The 6th Grade: The Year for Strengthening Skills. While there are new topics to be introduced in sixth grade math, much of the year is an essential review, or a furthering of material introduced in earlier years. The challenge is to weave in the review in such a way that there is always something new. Therefore, each worksheet includes several review problems. The goal is for the students to enter sixth grade feeling that division, fractions, and decimals are all easy, and for them to be excited about learning math.

Middle School Source Book 3D (Large)
A Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math (formerly our Middle School Curriculum Guide).
8.5′ x 11′,1 92 pages, illustrated, soft-cover.
ISBN 978-1-938210-00-6

Individual Price: $26.95
How to Make Math Meaningful? That is one of the greatest challenges for math teachers – particularly in today’s world! This Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math for sixth through eighth grade provides a method of teaching that helps develop the whole human being.
Download or view Making Math Meaningful Curriculum Sample Pages

Jamie York’s teaching experiences have brought him to understand that if math is to be meaningful to students, it must have these elements:

Be Developmentally  Appropriate    Challenge the Students
Work with  Questions    Offer Interesting Material
Allow for Depth    Provide the Historical Context

As a Waldorf math teacher, Jamie realized this type of guide was greatly needed. Making Math Meaningful® provides a direct and logical approach to teaching 6th – 8th graders math. Each grade level and topic include numerous examples and explanations. Math should not be a series of blind procedures to solve meaningless problems. It is a vehicle for developing our thinking, including our creativity and problem-solving capacities.

A reworking of 7th grade percents unit, major reworking of 7th grade ratios unit. Two new sections for 8th grade, calculating the Area of Four Types of Triangle, calculating the area of a Cone and Pyramid and much more!

The Middle School Curriculum for Teachers and Parents
8.5′ x 11′,72 pages,illustrated, lay-flat, perfect bound, softcover.

ISBN 978-1-938210-04-4.

Individual Price: $13.95
What is the intention of this workbook? The sheets found in this workbook are designed for use as homework assignments during the 7th grade year. This entire book emerges from a carefully thought out, developmentally based math curriculum, fully described in my book

Making Math Meaningful – A Middle School Math Curriculum for Teachers and Parents is a book that makes available the material I have discovered and developed while teaching middle school math for many years in a Waldorf school. This material is both exciting and age-appropriate for developing the minds of this age group. It is an alternative to the normal “they-need-all-this-stuff-in-order-to-stay-ahead” approach

Who can use this workbook? While most of my teaching experience is within the Waldorf school system, this workbook, as well as my whole math curriculum, can be effectively used by any teacher wishing to bring meaningful, age-appropriate material to the student.
Topics covered in the 6th Grade workbook.
 This Teacher’s Edition contains answer keys!
1 The review topics from previous years are multiplication, short and
long division, fractions, decimals, measurement, unit cost, factors,
and estimating.
2 The new topics for sixth grade are casting out nines, exponents (powers), square roots, divisibility, formulas, the metric system, converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals, angle measure, percents, mean/median/mode, pie charts, line graphs, area and perimeter, business math (discount, profit, etc.), ratios, rates (speed, wages), exchange rate, and complex fractions. Mental math. Jamie York strongly believes that it is as im
3 Mental math. Jamie York strongly believes that it is as important as ever for children to develop the ability to do  calculations in their head. Each worksheet therefore begins with a section on mental math, focusing on four areas (each one of which is listed and described in Making Math Meaningful: A Middle School Math Curriculum):
1. Multiplication facts, with selected facts from the 13 through 18 tables, and the 25’s table (i.e. 15·5=75);
2. Powers with base 2 through 5 (i.e. 34 = 81);
3. Fraction to decimal conversions (3/8 = 0.375);
4. Math tricks, as described in A Middle School Math Curriculum,Appendix B.

The Teacher’s Editions of our middle school workbooks contain answer keys.

Making Math Meaningful: A 6th Grade Student’s Workbook
8.5′ x 11′, 59 pages, illustrated, lay-flat, saddle-stitched, softcover

ISBN 978-1-938210-03-7

Individual Price: $10.95
This workbook covers the same material as the Teacher’s Edition, however
it does not include the answer key.
Download or View Sample Pages from the Student’s Workbook in PDF Format.

Using the Making Math Meaningful® workbooks: The Making Math Meaningful® workbooks (especially from 8th grade and up) are specifically designed to lead the students (with the teacher’s careful guidance) along a path of discovery.  The problems contained in these workbooks are NOT randomly ordered or selected. They are chosen to promote the development of mathematical thinking in a very conscious way. As teachers of math, our most important task is to develop the capacity for mathematical thinking in our students.


String, Straightedge and Shadow:
The Story of Geometry
by Julia E. Diggins
6′′ x 9′′, 155 pages, color illustrations, perfect-bound, softcover
ISBN 978-1-938210-09-9
Individual Price: $16.95
This beautifully illustrated, classic 6th grade reader recreates the atmosphere of ancient times when men, more than two thousand years ago, used three simple tools — the string, the straightedge, and the shadow, to discover the basic principles and constructions of elementary geometry.


Making Math Meaningful: Fun with Puzzles, Games and More!
5.5′′ x 8.5′′,174 pages, illustrated, perfect bound
ISBN 978-1-938210-02-0
Individual Price: $14.95
All New Third Edition! By Randy Evans, Mick Follari, and Jamie York.
View Author Biographies and a full explanation of what this book contains – Click Here! What’s New in the Third Edition?
· Now includes easier puzzles for 4th and 5th graders
· Additional puzzles for grades 6 – 12
· 100’s of puzzles for grades 4 – 12.
Are you looking for a new math challenge for your students?Do you need a resource of ideas that will give your students the opportunity to experience the thrill of mathematics?And, what about providing a good puzzle or game that will give everyone the understanding of true problem-solving?
Randy Evans, Mick Follari, and Jamie York have combined their knowledge and skills to create a puzzle and game book that is a perfect reference for middle school and high school teachers. The book is divided by grade level. It contains not only, puzzles and games, but also math magic tricks and classroom activities. It’s an ideal solution for providing something different for tomorrow’s math class!
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From a Public Waldorf School Teacher:
Through daily practice with the Making Math Meaningful’s workbooks, my students developed an amazing fluency and  knack for the nature of numbers. !00% of the my students have met their math benchmarks for our state in 6th and 7th grade. This is only one measure of the efficacy of a math program. Through using this curriculum, my students are more
creative in their problem solving and critical thinking, have cultivated good work habits and have come to find that each of them is able to learn the magic of mathematics. A. Barber, Oregon, USA.