Making Math Meaningful: A 7th Grade Studentʼs Workbook

Making Math Meaningful: A 7th Grade Student’s Workbook

by Jamie York.

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Make sure you also purchase the A Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math that belongs with our workbooks.

8.5′ x 11′, 116 pages, illustrated, lay-flat, saddle-stitched, soft-cover, ISBN 978-1-938210-05-1.


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The 7th Grade Student’s Workbook covers the same material as the Teacher’s Edition, with the exception of the teacher’s answer keys.

The 7th Grade Waldorf Math Year: The beginning of abstract thinking. Seventh grade is an important year academically. This is the year when the students start to develop abstract thinking (through algebra, physics, essay writing, etc.), and when study habits and skills are developed. The material contained in this workbook is both exciting and age-appropriate for the developing minds of seventh graders.

Getting homework done regularly (even in small amounts), and keeping a well-organized notebook, are both very important. For many students, seventh grade math can be a real turning point. It is relatively common for a student to enter seventh grade weak in math, but then to “wake-up” and take some big steps toward becoming strong in math before they make the journey to high school.

What is the intention of this workbook? The sheets found in this workbook are designed for use as homework assignments during the 7th grade year. This entire book emerges from a carefully thought out, developmentally based math curriculum, which is fully described in my book, Making Math Meaningful – A Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math, a book that makes available the material I have discovered and developed while teaching middle school math for many years in a Waldorf school. This material is an alternative to the normal “they-need-all-this-stuff-in-order-to-stay-ahead” approach.

Using the Making Math Meaningful® workbooks: The Making Math Meaningful® workbooks (especially from 8th grade and up) are specifically designed to lead the students (with the teacher’s careful guidance) along a path of discovery.  The problems contained in these workbooks are NOT randomly ordered or selected. They are chosen to promote the development of mathematical thinking in a very conscious way. As teachers of math, our most important task is to develop the capacity for mathematical thinking in our students.

Required reading. It is necessary to read Making Math Meaningful – A Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math in order to fully understand the material in this workbook.  Teacher’s Guides and Student Workbooks are also available for 6th, 7th and 8th grade through our Store.

The units found in this 7th grade Waldorf math student’s workbook are:

  • Arithmetic review
  • Measurement
  • Percents
  • Ratios (two units)
  • Rates
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • The Square Root Algorithm