JAMIE YORK PRESS Inc., has two Waldorf math video channels on Youtube: Waldorf Mathematics  and Meaningfulmath.

Our latest Waldorf math videos are listed first on this page.

Grade 8: Clips from Jamie York’s Platonic Solids presentation from the 8th grade math block, involving visualizing geometric form in movement.

Click on the video thumbnail image below to see examples of Grades One, Two and Three Multiplication Exercises, including:

Grade 1: Rhythmical Clapping with the Four’s Table ; Grade 2: Clapping the Three’s Table ; Grade 3: Rhythmical exercises in which students combine tables ; Grade 2: The Sevens’ and Eights’ songs for learning multiplication tables.

Jamie York compares how a mainstream textbook presents the Pythagorean Theorem, and then outlines how he introduces it, the Waldorf math way. The video includes a proof of the theorem that he uses with 10th grade students.

Jamie York’s concluding remarks about the CRISIS IN MATH EDUCATION (and transforming blind procedures into meaningful math)  given during his talk to a capacity audience at the first MidSchoolMath conference in Santa Fe, NM, March 2014, where he was a presenter. CLICK HERE to see the video.
Jamie stop the drop 2014_opt

PERFECT NUMBERS. An excerpt from the same talk given in Santa Fe NM, March 2014 on the wonders of perfect numbers, and what they are.




On the Waldorf Mathematics Channel you can view complete lectures by Jamie York that have been edited into segments. On Meaningfulmath, you can view short excerpts from a small selection of Jamie York’s talks. On our Waldorf Mathematics Channel, our main channel, watch, among others:

What is Math? Click on the thumbnail below to see all four Waldorf math videos in this presentation.

Jamie York on Geometry. Click on the video thumbnail image below for the five videos in this presentation.

Math and Music. Jamie York’s unique main lesson block featured in the Making Math Meaningful Source Book for Teaching High School Math.

Click on the video thumbnail image below for the five Waldorf math videos in this presentation.